Why we exist ?

For the past 20 years we have been connected with students in from tribal area of Palghar District as initially we were in computer education field. We had imparted computer education since 1996 to create IT literacy in rural areas of Jawhar, Wada, Vikramgad through our following institutes.

Hi-Vision Computer Education, Wada

Authorised Learning Center: Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation (MKCL, Pune

 Study Centre: Yashwantrao Chavhan Open University, Nasik


  • Critical Performance Indicator (CPI) Award -2007 by MKCL, Pune
  • Best Performance Award by All India Council for Professional Training and Research, Thane
  • Vidyadhan Yuva Gaurav Purska by Vidyadhan Education Society, Pune
  • Best MS-CIT Student award to our Student Master Piyush Sahu
    among 6 Lac students in Maharashtra State.

N.P. Mukne Knowledge Center, Jawhar

  • Authorised Learning Centers of –
  • Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation (MKCL, Pune)
  • AISECT University, Bhopal

While serving students in rural and tribal area of India, we noticed that the students the educational foundation of the students is very weak. it is observed that students cannot speak, write and even understand English language properly. In spite of securing degrees in education most of them are not able to face interviews for employment in big cities. It is observed by us that they are being educated in villages through Government schools in their native town. The government Ashram schools are mainly formed to educate the tribal students only but they could just increase the literacy rate in rural area and awareness about education in parents.

There are many reasons behind this educational backwardness. The poverty, illiteracy and parents’ apathy towards education are also the reasons but we found that the main reason is apart from this and that is deficiency of good teachers, lack of educational facilities, rural life culture.

So after working so many years with them we noted that they are studying with their own backward community. The community itself is leaving in forest with their own tribal culture and if we want to make their progress, we need to bring them into the mainstream of progressive society. They should be given equal opportunity to study with the children of progressive society. Therefore they need to bring in such a schools where Children of all castes, religions, cultures learn together.

Unless their educational foundation is strengthened, they will have to face such difficulties for many years.

The situation forced us to think that we must start our own school for the students of all community in this rural area and we need to impart quality education from the bottom level to high level i.e. KG to PG.

Therefore with the aim of delivery delivering the quality education in rural and tribal area; in year 2016 we started Divine orchids international Preschool at Jawhar, rural Town. Our Divine Orchids International Preschool is powered by Xseed Education System, Singapore. We began with pre-primary education and year by year we are moving towards our aim by increasing one class every year. We started early childhood edication for age 3 to 5 and now we are education children of age 3 to 9.

We started our mission in 2016 but unfortunately in January 2020 the world was plagued by an epidemic called covid-19 which had a greater impact on the education sector.

And the big challenge facing small institutions like ours is to bring students to online education platforms in areas where high speed internet connectivity is not available. We have to try hard to bring the small kids from age 3 to 5 on virtual internet classroom.  Also, we find ourselves in a situation where parents can’t pay school fees and we can’t run schools without financial help.

Our motive to start school is not making profit but as a citizen of this backward area we want to carry our social responsibility and want to contribute important role for the educational development of this rural and tribal area. Therefore we suffer losses and for imparting quality education of global standard at the door step of villagers. 

Quality education is the one of the social needs of this area and this social need encouraged us to start this school in Jawhar, the cultural capital of newly carved Palghar District situated in Maharashta state of India.